Get Involved

Whether you are an individual looking to volunteer, make a donation, or are an organization or business looking to create a partnership, Heartland Head Start relies on community involvement to allow us to provide all of our services to our children and families.


Volunteers are vital to our program. As a federally funded program, Heartland Head Start is required to match 20% of their federal grant money with volunteer services and in-kind donations. As a volunteer, you can provide service in the classroom, the office or at a program, special event or any other place where the need arises.

Monetary Donations

Your financial contribution will assist us in serving quality programs for children and families in McLean and Livingston Counties. On behalf of the 309 children and families we serve each year, we thank you for your support. Please contact us if you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to our program.


Governing bodies are responsible for ensuring the program is meeting its goals and objectives. Dual governance, among the Board and the parent Policy Council, ensures all areas of the program are monitored appropriately and running smoothly.

Community Partnerships

 How can organizations or businesses help Heartland Head Start? Consider creating a partnership or collaboration with us. Community partnerships offer avenues for conducting community assessments and program planning, initiating program self-assessments, managing resources, and enhancing program design.

Becoming a Volunteer

 Any person wishing to volunteer with Heartland Head Start must complete a volunteer application and be approved by Human Resources. This approval will include website checks of national and state sex offender sites, child murderer sites, and county public access sites. Applicants are asked to disclose anything in their background that would prevent them from volunteering in a DCFS licensed facility. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Wish List

Here at Heartland Head Start we are always accepting donations of classroom supplies. If you would like to donate items for our classroom please check out our wish list.