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How to Enroll
Heartland Head Start enrolls pregnant moms and children newborn to age 5 from eligible families throughout the year. The ERSEA Specialist or a Family Resource Advocate is available to assist families with eligibility questions and the application process on a walk in basis or by appointment. You may call or visit our office to discuss eligibility and application requirements, or you may view information under the eligibility tab.



Heartland Head Start enrolls children ages newborn to 5 years old who meet one or more of the eligibility requirements of income, foster care, public assistance or homelessness.

Program Options


Heartland Head Start offers three program options for Head Start: part-day, school day and full day. Part-day and school day are free option available to all eligible families. Full-day is an option available to parents that are working and/or attending school full time. Full-day requires a child care subsidy qualification which includes a co-payment requirement. Early Head Start has two program options: home base and center base full day.

Application Process


Prior to enrollment and placement into a classroom, parents must complete the Heartland Head Start application. Also, parents must provide required documentation including proof of eligibility, certified birth certificate, copy of medical card/insurance (if available), current physical, current hemoglobin result, lead test result, TB test result or notation by doctor a TB is not needed, and a current immunization record. Staff are available to assist families in obtaining the required documentation.

After the Application


Eligible children with complete applications are placed into a classroom when there is an available opening. Classroom placement may not be immediate; there may be a wait for placement during a school year. Children with the highest needs are placed in classrooms first. Children with incomplete applications or those not having the required documentation remain incomplete and are not considered for classroom placement.

How To Complete an Application to Enroll?

Heartland Head Start accepts applications all year for age eligible children. You may visit our office to speak with a Family Resource Advisor about eligibility, application requirements, and receiving an application packet. Eligibility information may be reviewed on the website.

Please contact our office via email or phone if you have questions about eligibility, the application process or classroom options.

You can apply online in English or spanish.

English Application. Click Here

Puede aplicar en linea en Ingles o Español

Aplicacion en Español. Cliquee aqui

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