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  • Educate

    Providing a learning environment that supports children’s growth!
  • Empower

    Encouraging children and families to increase school readiness!
  • Engagement

    Involving parents and families in every aspect of their child’s development!.
  • Collaborate

    Connecting the community to all aspects of our program.
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Heartland Head Start

In 1965 Heartland Head Start began supporting 60 children in McLean County. Over the course of 50 years, we've been consistent in fulfilling our mission and vision and have grown to serve 309 children and families in McLean and Livingston Counties.

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Heartland Head Start Stories


It was like someone had switched off all emotions but anger inside 4-year-old Thalia. Her first day at Head Start, she exploded, shouting. “No! Forget it! Te odio! [I hate you].” Thalia followed that with a kick, and “BLAM,” the puzzles exploded as the rack slammed to the floor...
Find out how the rest of Thalia’s year is going now.

November 2017 HHS Events!

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