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What Happens After the Application Process?

After the application is complete and documentation has been submitted, a Family Resource Advocate will submit the application and documents for review by the management team. Management reviews applications for accuracy, completeness, documentation and appropriate parent signatures. Complete applications are accepted and ready for classroom placement opportunities in the current school year. Parents will receive a letter confirming your child’s application is complete, accepted, and ready for classroom placement opportunities.

Management also reviews the need level of your child and family. Children and families with high needs receive priority in classroom placement. Please remember that Heartland Head Start has a limited number of openings. As a federal program, we are required to enroll children with the highest needs first. This may include children that are 4 years of age and moving on to kindergarten, children with special needs, children with Individualize Education Plans (IEP), and children whose families are experiencing homelessness.

If your child is not placed in a classroom immediately, understand they will be considered for future openings. Please contact the ERSEA Specialist if you have questions about classroom openings.

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