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Careers with Heartland Head Start

Heartland Head Start values each employee who provides services for our organization. We make the highest effort to provide value in the working relationship to each employee as well.

Heartland Head Start offers employment benefits to employees who work full- and part-time hours. Benefits offered by the company include:

  • Health/dental/vision/life insurance (FT only)
  • Paid vacation (Full-year only)
  • Paid sick leave (FT & PT)
  • Sick leave bank (FT & PT)
  • Paid personal time (FT & PT)
  • Paid holiday leave (FT & PT)
  • Paid civic leave (FT & PT)
  • Paid school visitation leave (FT & PT)
  • Paid funeral and bereavement leave (FT & PT)
  • FMLA (Regular and extended)
  • Flex spending account
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • 403(b) Retirement plan

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